Vatses Beach Bar


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Vatses Beach Bar

Known as one of the louder (although still very tame compared to similar establishments on other Greek islands) places in Astypalaia, the Vatses Beach Bar plays good music, serves food and drink, and even owns a few sunbeds set out directly by the water. It's popular among the younger holidaymakers.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife in Astypalaia is rather low-key, with most evening entertainment had in the form of dinner and drinks at the local taverns (do try the local wine and spirits). Some establishments host small traditional music and dance shows, and those who prefer to part-take in dancing themselves can check out the Chora-based Kouros Bar and Club and/or the out-of-the-way Vatses Beach Bar popular with the younger crowd. Keep in mind, however, that venues are often short-lived and there is no guarantee they will re-open the following summer season.